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PoliMappers is a volunteer students' group, based at Politecnico di Milano, created in December 2016. The mission of the group is to train and motivate the next generation of volunteer mappers and to do mapping using free and open source software within the university as well as primary and secondary schools.

PoliMappers is the first European chapter of the international association YouthMappers, founded in 2014 in the United States of America with the support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID). YouthMappers aims to cultivate a new generation of leaders in the field of open geospatial data and technologies, with the purpose of creating through them resilient communities of the future. It is a global network that currently includes 243 chapters in 55 countries (updated 02/2021). In accordance with the terms of participation of YouthMappers, the association's activities include at least two mapping activities per year: mapping the local area and participating in a YouthMappers network promoted campaign.

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